Sunday, January 27, 2013

                  Continuing winter time wildlife pictures from the Bay area: My luck of recent times has taken a hit as I have seen many intriguing animals, however hadn't had great opportunities at close range. Good news though includes several sightings of Golden Eagles all over the place, on Mines Rd. in Livermore I spotted four all at high altitudes. Contrary to my earlier statements of fewer ferruginous hawks I have seen several lately all over east Contra Costa County. This group of photos includes a mixture of older pictures and newer shots taken during the winter months. Leading off is a bad quality older golden eagle photo which does reflect some of the magic these monsters have including talons the size of bear claws. Second photo was a Trumpeter Swan at Grizzly reserve up north. Number three a great horned owl behind my home in Oakley. Including a flight shot of a younger ferruginous  hawk in Byron as number four. Five is a coyote I followed on foot as it hunted gophers in Morgan Territory reserve. I took repetitive photos from behind a tree of this dog and humorously each time the canon sounded off he stared at me "really?" why are you watching me? Like many song dogs I find in the wild very little concern of a walking person in their land.

Number six is a night heron I believe, was sound asleep when I rudely woke the bird up. But this large bird refused to acknowledge it was in fact awake, using the defense of do not admit you are awake and maybe he will go away. Bird kept one eye on me till I left the area. A Wilsons Warbler at San Pablo dam reservoir is number seven. Eight is a Mines Rd. Livermore cat about a year old. I have made several recent runs out to Mines lately with no luck finding cats. They are there, just a bit more stealth than the clumsy song dogs. The perched red tail a recent photo taken at Jersey Island Rd. And, lastly in the spirit of football a osprey is taking one to the house. Little did it realize the sea hawks are out of the play offs.

Special thanks to Marilyn in Livermore and Dick in Cupertino, I appreciate the help of bird identification with the smaller birds which I am still trying to learn on the fly. Thanks for taking the time to educate me.

And thanks to Saundra for sending cool links of photos and the Hawk Owl.