Sunday, September 30, 2012

      Hope everyone is well, thought I would post some recent fall photos taken in the Bay Area this time extending from Contra Costa west to Tamales Bay. Waited for the fog to clear and made a run out to the coast to visit the Tule Elk. Though timed it perfectly with stellar weather,  still was not able to capture the monster Elk who had taken their groups of females into the canyons, or up in the hills away from the road. However, they left behind followers. misfits. youngsters and challengers available for the camera. There is almost no one out here unbelievably except hundreds of tule elk reminding one of what the California coast was like a couple hundred years ago. The sound of bugling is heard  from the large elk echoing loudly for anyone in this reserve to hear. Sounds as if you are in a scene of Jurassic Park. A couple times  the monsters appeared on top of hills with the sea in the back ground. Having been talked to by the reserve rangers before concerning my own health, I decided not to hike out close to the herds.
 Photo #'s 1. 3. 4. 6. 7. 10 and 11 taken in the tule elk reserve and the brown pelicans taken at near by north beach of Point Reyes. #2 Black tail buck on Morgan Territory. #5 Turkey Vulture at Del Valle reservoir. #8 Coyote closing the summer look as they will thicken up that fur soon. #9 is a black tail doe. So often I had thought I always want the photo of a male buck. It's funny that with humans one would probably always photograph the females. (sorry guy's)
Hope you enjoy the photos. thanks for the responses and reports of interesting areas to check. I appreciate it.


Sunday, September 16, 2012

                       Updating local bay area wildlife site with late summer photos taken in Contra Costa / Alameda / San Joaquin areas. Some of these are a couple of years old, however wanted to share the experiences. More red tailed hawks included (#1 and #10) near Jersey Island. #2 A sharp shinned hawk taken near the carquinez straights. #3 Camouflaged bobcat on Alameda side of Morgan Territory.#4 Singing meadowlark taken by my daughter Lea at Grizzly Island reserve. #5 Late summer Black tail buck in the Highland / Camino Tassajara area in south Contra Costa County last year.   #6 Golden Eagle in flight in Byron taken with my first lens (Tamron) and though it is a rough shot I was fortunate to be so close. #7 Male northern harrier taken by a close friend Patty Tesch. Photo shows the intensity of the hunter flying a ground level using hearing and sight. #8 Older photo of a burrowing owl taken in Byron. #9 is a young cotton tail taken at Los Vaqueros reservoir south of Brentwood.
         Hot spots for this time of year:
  For me it has been San Pablo reservoir still as several Ospreys and a couple of bald eagles fairly active if one is hiking. I have not had the greatest of luck here, though walking here in the pleasant weather is always well worth the effort. Del Valle reservoir in Livermore is always a solid place this time of year.
    Also now looming is the black tail rut season when the large bucks will be gathering their doe's. They will drop their guard a bit and come out in the open. They will also have to tolerate the female point of view remaining in plain sight more than they prefer so the ladies can browse where they want. Hopefully I will gather and share some of these encounters. Thank you for your interest, I appreciate it.    Dave