Monday, June 25, 2012

      Wanted to share a photo taken outside the bay area. A gray wolf taken at wolf haven, a large ranch open to the public in southern Washington where the many species of wolves are allowed to roam free though they are separated in pairs. It's a beautiful area and there are daily tours available at the ranch performed by knowledgeable guides. Thumbs up from me of course.

      The Monark butterflies were taken at Tina Swan's exhibit in Pittsburg at 2581 Harbor Rd. Pittsburgs Environmental services center green house. The green house exhibit has indigenous flowers and plants making the butterflies and their surroundings look right at home. Though closed now the exhibit will re open in September- October. One can E-mail me for the phone number if interested in a tour. There is a small bobcat pictured from Morgan territory reserve, one of my favorite areas I have mentioned before. The red tailed hawk covering its prey was from eastern Contra Costa county, close to the area I photographed the baby red tail peering out from its nest. A recent hike at San Pablo Dam yielded the photo of a great horned owl. Their have been times when they can be observed in broad daylight in the dark oak and pine forests around the reservoir. The rufus towhee was also taken in this area. The darn towhees always running about beneath the ferns and shrubs rarely showing themselves for more than a moment at a time. Capturing them at close range is a challenge. A bald eagle in flight was at Del Valle reservoir in the Livermore area as was the black chinned humming bird. The western fence lizards were photographed in my backyard in Oakley.
Thanks, Dave

Sunday, June 10, 2012

                               Updating with some local wildlife pictures taken in the bay area. Really love to photograph humming birds. The orange colored Allen's hummingbird was taken in the Point Reyes area as was the older photo of the tulle elk group. The Anna's hummers were taken in Oakley mostly in my back yard. Also pictures of red tailed hawks and white tailed kites. The red tails come in a large variety of color phases and the back to back photos show what looks like two species of raptors. Body size and bulk, flying styles and voice is the best ways to identify the red tail. They can be almost any coloration unlike most other species. After chasing birds of prey for so many years I believe I have identified the top leader of the bunch. Its not the red tail, golden, bald or the great Horn. Its the little humming bird...
  Like a playful kitten the hummer taunts and toys with all the birds of prey. Venerable when nesting and young, once the little hummers are out and about they are a handful. I have watched them buzz owls, hawks and eagles like a yellow jacket buzzes a camp site at dinner time. Their incredible flying skills and over confident nature make for an interesting little character and a joy to watch. The anna picture in the water was a hot day in Oakley when this bird needed a bath in our sprinklers. The bird waited for me to gather my camera and return.  Also including a small nuthatch captured at Del Valle reservoir in Livermore.

Thanks for the interest, Dave