Sunday, December 16, 2012

                 Wintertime birds of the bay area;
  Updating pictures of local wildlife in the Bay Area. After the recent storms I visited Holland tract where I have a small trail or blind area  staying away from the "stinging needles" I spoke of earlier. To my surprise I found the standing water on the island had expanded in all directions making for a larger sanctuary for the Geese, Cranes and ducks. I was able to collect some closer photos of the Sand hill cranes. Though there were only five birds close, one jumped up and down looking as if it wanted to chest bump me like after scoring a touchdown. I believe the monster bird was just letting me know I was close enough. Unlike the Geese, the Sandhills seem to tolerate a big dummy watching with a camera.
       These photos are new pictures taken in the last couple of weeks. The hawks this time around are the Ferrugenous. A large powerful hawk with rust iron colored backside with snow like white front and feathered legs down to the talons. Here until near springtime its a pleasure to see them in decent numbers.
Photos are #1 (Jumping Sandhill Crane) #2 (Ferrugenous Hawk perched) #3 Thanks for some help A Swainson Thrush #4 (Black chinned humming bird) I have photographed this bird now for four years and it always sits on the same perch at Del Valle reservoir. #5 (Sand Hill Cranes) #6 Also with help A Bushtit #7 (Pied billed Grebe) #8 Another (Ferrugenous Hawk) #9 (Great Egret and snowy Egret) and #10 (Scrub Jay) I appreciate any help with identification of birds.

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