Sunday, November 25, 2012

                          Sending out recent wintertime photos from around the bay area. Also including a few older looks I thought may be interesting to some. Took a few rides of late out to Jersey Island area and Holland tract of our delta region. On Jersey Island this last weekend there were numerous pheasant hunters which sent some of the smarter birds to the creek along the main roadway. I was able to get decent photos here as they would rather face the camera than the shotgun. It is very interesting now at Holland tract with numerous sand hill cranes, geese and other water foul visiting our area. Getting close to the cranes is never easy for me as it requires working through a wall of berry vines and needles (plant that drop stinging needles each time you touch it). Of course I was in shorts not really planning to do this until I witnessed over 100 sandhillers at the southern portion of this wet land area.  My legs were on fire for three days, but it was worth it. Never seem to gain the photo I want, though one can see the sandhills easily. These dinosaurs are some of the more interesting animals I have watched. Their strong trumpeting cries to one another can be heard for miles and having the opportunity to watch them awhile is incredible..
 Including some photos of different birds of prey around this time of year including the rough legged hawk, ferruginous hawk and red shouldered hawk. Red tails are here all year and easier to capture than any other time as the cold weather keeps the birds perched and if approached respectively will sometimes tolerate photo opportunities. If someone would be interested in gaining this type of picture I would be willing to help.  The down side is I am seeing less and less rough legged and ferruginous hawks the last five years or so. Hopefully they have just relocated to better hunter grounds. I haven't seen a rough legged hawk in two years. The pictures here are not great but these are tough to get...

Pictures shown are... #1 (Ring neck pheasant) #2 (Acorn woodpecker) #3 (Gold finch) #4 (Red tailed hawk) #5 (Ferrugenous hawk) #6 (Rough legged hawk) #7 (Blue heron) #8 (Sand hill cranes) #9 Red shouldered hawk) #10 (Bob cat)

Thanks for the interest, Dave Harper

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