Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fall here and Winter coming.
We need some rain to be certain. Updating site with a mix of newer pictures and some older ones some may find interesting. Asking some help from the pros on the first photo, all of these taken in the bay area. Driving along a delta slough east of Byron the other day I stopped to admire and possibly photograph a large mouth bass boil. This is when predator fish chase or push small fish usually shad or minnows to the surface in attempt to trap them. The result is the little ones flying and jumping all over the place followed by a huge splash of the larger fish on the surface. I was unable to capture this action as I wanted, but upon standing there I heard a unmistakable scream as a Osprey happened along. Did not get the photo I was hoping for but did capture the Osprey nicely. The large bird crashed once into the water out of my view. The underwater world did not need to see anymore of this action as the boiling quickly stopped.


 #1 Older picture Asking for help from the pros... #2 Recent Great Egret @ Jersey Island area. #3   Older Two Red Tails on Deer Valley Rd. near Brentwood. #4 Recent Blue Heron at Jersey Island. #5 Older Barn Owls in the cave at Morgan Territory. There is another similar picture of Owls in this cave. According to property owners here this cave provided home for Barn Owls for twenty years or so. A couple of years ago a winter storm destroyed the cave and the owls are no longer here. I still hear from my friend Carol who lives in this beautiful region and  misses the Barn Owls. #6 Recent photo of the Coyote near the Morgan fire. #7 Recent White breasted Nuthatch at Black Diamond Mines Park in Antioch. #8 Recent photo taken at Del Valle reservoir. Need help again please and I am only guessing Olive sided Fly catcher? #9 Osprey in delta mentioned earlier and this photo just isn't good on this site. Actually came out much better in real. Anyone wanting email proof please ask...#10 Looking east early morning late in the year from about anywhere in CC County.  Thank you for the interest, Dave

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  1. Marilyn has helped with #8 as "Say's Phoebe". Thanks so much....