Sunday, October 21, 2012

                          Updating local wildlife pictures with scenes from fall in Contra Costa-Alameda areas. I have spent some time looking for the huge blacktail buck which in truth I just can't seem to locate. I will continue the effort despite these fuel costs.  Want to say thank you to those that have offered areas they have seen animals. I have checked out many of those areas. With this group of pictures I had to reach back a couple of years and use blacktail photos from 2010 and 2011 as well as some from the last couple of weeks. I have been able to find the same basic groups of blacktail deer year after year in specific areas. I am surprised by the number of young males with decent strings of females. The large bucks must move on or get hunted by property owners. In the mostly open country of Contra Costa bucks are smaller generally than some I have seen in the denser growth areas like Tilden Park or the Livermore foothills. Its a shame hunters take the animals with the best gene pool attributes leaving smaller and younger bucks to profligate the herds. I would be interested in some of your views and experiences in the deer populations and buck sightings.  Blacktail bucks featured in photos are #1 (Johnston Rd. Tassajara area) #2 (Alhambra Valley) #4 )San Pablo reservoir) and #7 (Finley Rd. Tassajara area)

  Photo #3 is of common mergansers at San Pablo reservoir. In my many hours of waiting for an osprey picture I watched the fish hunters. The white pelicans watched every move by the mergansers and cormorants to locate fish. These professional and effective divers work well as scouts for the pelicans. Photo #5 is another red tailed hawk in flight while #6 is a egret hunting crawfish on Jersey Island in eastern Contra Costa. #8 , a recent western bluebird on Finley Rd. #'s 9 and 10 are of the young coyote I pictured before as a close up. This photo taken from a different angle and perspective. I was able to take as many close up photos as I wanted of the accommodating coyote. This rarely happens out there. The young song dog just wanted to cross the road inside Los Vaqueros Watershed. I was in the coyotes way just standing there in the road gathering photos. It was interesting to me that there was no panic or fear shown in the face of the youngster. Finally I took a few steps down the road and he bolted right through jumping over and clearing the short fence heading down to the water. Good luck my young friend...
Thanks, Dave